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Application of Optimized Gompertz Algorithm for Estimation of Controlled Drug Release
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 Title & Authors
Application of Optimized Gompertz Algorithm for Estimation of Controlled Drug Release
Choe, Se-Woon; Woo, Young Woon;
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A Gompertz modeling, sigmoid in shape, is a widely used application for social science, natural science, engineering, and medical research to allow confident approximation and accurate analysis and has been applied to estimate an elderly population on aging of population. Due to the high toxicity of currently available drug delivery vehicles, various efforts have been made to reduce side-effects in clinical fields, but its application to preclinical and clinical studies is limited and there are some difficulties to optimize the parameters of Gompertz modeling applicable to preclinical studies. Therefore, in this study, we demonstrated the ability of sickle red blood cells loaded by hypotonic dialysis then photosensitized and light-activated ex vivo for controlled release and simultaneously optimized Gompertz function to evaluate controlled drug release properties of photosensitized sickle red blood cells to reduce pain-related treatments in cancer patients.
Gompertz modeling;Cancer;Sickle red blood cells;Photosensitizer;
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전임상 혈관분석을 위한 초분광 이미징 시스템의 활용,최세운;우영운;

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