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An eBook Service System based on VOD Broadcasting Contents of Smart TV
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An eBook Service System based on VOD Broadcasting Contents of Smart TV
Jun, Eung Sup; Chang, Yong Sik;
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In this paper, we propose the development of an eBook Service System based on VOD Broadcasting Contents(eBSS-VOD) which protects the illegal copy through the effective DRM strategy. Here, eBSS-VOD is composed of three sub-systems - eBook server management system, ePub Builder, and eBook App - according to the functional points of view. The eBook server management system operates to manage the eBooks, the encription keys, the VOD contents, the membership and the history of users` viewing log. The ePub Builder assists to produce eBooks by DRM strategy. The eBook App provides users with the utility services of VOD viewing and eBook purchase processing. The proposed eBSS-VOD, differently from the current eBook systems, helps to increase the users` interests in reading books and to motivate the users` purchasing needs and it also makes new distribution channel for eBooks based on VOD broadcasting contents through smart applications. We provides the differentiated eBook builder which are based on ePub3.0 and DRM strategy. Through empirical survey results on users` interests and purchase intention for eBooks, we show that the proposed eBSS-VOD has the comparative effects compared to the current systems.
eBook;ePub;DRM;VOD Contents;
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