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A Real-time Tinnitus Treatment System Using Tinnitus Frequency Removal and Adjacent Frequency Amplification on Mobile Device
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A Real-time Tinnitus Treatment System Using Tinnitus Frequency Removal and Adjacent Frequency Amplification on Mobile Device
Park, Dae-Hyun; Kim, Yoon;
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In this paper, we propose a new tinnitus treatment system that removes the frequency band where the ear noises is generated and amplifies the around frequency bands in order to treat a nonstop buzzing in the ears, that is one among the disease commonly generated in modern people. Mostly the tinnitus is generated by the tunability with the neighboring nerves while the part of the cerebral cortex which is unable to react to the stimuli by the sound of the specific frequency band reacts to other frequency band. Therefore, the excitability activity by the tunability of the cerebral cortex is suppressed and the remedial value is gotten by removing the tinnitus frequency band, and the around frequency bands are amplified to strengthen the remedial value. Experimental results show that the tinnitus can be treated conveniently if the patients use the android application which the proposed technique is applied to.
Tinnitus;Tinnitus Frequency Band;Frequency Removing;Android Application;
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