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Multi transmission method of data among near smart devices using inaudible sound and wireless network
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Multi transmission method of data among near smart devices using inaudible sound and wireless network
Chung, Myoungbeom;
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In this paper, we propose a new method for multi transmission method of data among near smart devices. Existing methods require the use of an extra application service where the operating system differs between smart devices. In contrast, the proposed method makes use of the smart device`s inner speaker and microphone to confirm the transmission signal. Then, real sharing data is transmitted via WiFi or LTE. Therefore, the proposed method overcomes operating system issues with existing methods. Besides, BUMP technology works in a similar way to the method we propose, it only supports one-to-one transmission. To evaluate the efficacy of the new method, we tested one-to-many data transmission in an experiment: the results showed a 96% success rate. As a result, we believe that the proposed method is an effective multi transmission method of data among near smart devices.
Data transmission;Smart device;High frequencies;Signal processing;Check sum;
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