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Independent Set Bin Packing Algorithm for Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA) Problem
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Independent Set Bin Packing Algorithm for Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA) Problem
Lee, Sang-Un;
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This paper deals with the routing and wavelength assignment problem (RWAP) that decides the best lightpaths for multiple packet demands for (s,t) in optical communication and assigns the minimum number of wavelengths to given lightpaths. There has been unknown of polynomial-time algorithm to obtain the optimal solution for RWAP. Hence, the RWAP is classified as NP-complete problem and one can obtain the approximate solution in polynomial-time. This paper decides the shortest main and alternate lightpath with same hop count for all (s,t) for given network in advance. When the actual demands of communication for particular multiple packet for (s,t), we decrease the maximum utilized edge into b utilized number using these dual-paths. Then, we put these (s,t) into b-wavelength bins without duplicated edge. This algorithm can be get the optimal solution within O(kn) computational complexity. For two experimental data, the proposed algorithm shows that can be obtain the known optimal solution.
Lightpath routing;Wavelength assignment;Dual-path;Independent set;Bin packing;
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