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The Estimation of Productivity Considering New Technology Port- Equipment By Using Simulation
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The Estimation of Productivity Considering New Technology Port- Equipment By Using Simulation
Kim, Dong-Won;
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In this paper, Improved productivity models of container terminal are provided by utilizing a simulation considering Tandem-lift Quay Crane and transport vehicle of container`s high productivity `Alternative ship-to-yard vehicles.` Feature of this method is deriving the data of tandem-lift Quay Crane and Alternative ship-to-yard vehicles, estimating the productivity model of tandem-lift Quay Crane by using regression analysis. Tandem-lift Quay Crane is equipment of loading and unloading to increase productivity approximately by 2 time existing (single, twin) Quay Crane by dealing with four 20ft containers or two 40ft containers at the same. Alternative ship-to-yard vehicles can transfer containers(4TEU) more than existing Yard Tractor. This paper is deriving the optimal combination showing the highest productivity by using simulation considering Tandem-lift Quay Crane and Alternative ship-to-yard vehicles on container terminals and developing estimating model of productivity by using regression analysis using data of simulation.
Tandem-lift Quay Crane;Alternative ship-to-yard vehicles;Simulation;Productivity of Containers;Regression Analysis;
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