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Development of Augmented Reality Tool for Architectural Design
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 Title & Authors
Development of Augmented Reality Tool for Architectural Design
Ryu, Jae-Ho;
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In this study we have proposed the prototype of design support device for architectural design assessment using the building information modeling(BIM) data and the augmented reality(AR) technology. The proposed system consists of novel hardware composition with the transparent display, the mock-up model and the digital architectural model in the new shape of frame. The removal of background and the correction of viewer point in the capture video are proposed in order to use the transparent display in AR application. The BIM data formats are reviewed to be converted for using in AR application. Also the proposed system can be expanded to multi-user collaboration system from two user system through the suggested hardware and software compositions. The results of this study will be applied to use the mock-up model and digital architectural model in order to carry out the design assessment process efficiently and economically in the architectural design field.
Architectural Design;Assessment;AR;Transparent Display;Design Collaboration;
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