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A quality improvement scheme of magnified image using effectively the various curved surface characteristics of Image
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 Title & Authors
A quality improvement scheme of magnified image using effectively the various curved surface characteristics of Image
Jung, Soo-Mok;
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In this paper, a quality improvement scheme is proposed for magnified image using the various curved surface characteristics of image. After testing horizontal and vertical directional surface characteristics of source image, interpolation value is calculated to have the surface characteristics such as simple convex surface, simple concave surface, and compound surface. The calculated interpolation value become the value of the interpolated pixel of magnified image. The calculated interpolation value is closer to the pixel value of real image. So, the quality of the magnified image is improved. The PSNR value of the magnified image using the proposed scheme is larger than the PSNR values of the magnified image using the existing techniques.
magnified image;interpolation;image quality;curved surface characteristics estimation;
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