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A Technology Analysis Model using Dynamic Time Warping
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 Title & Authors
A Technology Analysis Model using Dynamic Time Warping
Choi, JunHyeog; Jun, SungHae;
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Technology analysis is to analyze technological data such as patent and paper for a given technology field. From the results of technology analysis, we can get novel knowledge for R&D planing and management. For the technology analysis, we can use diverse methods of statistics. Time series analysis is one of efficient approaches for technology analysis, because most technologies have researched and developed depended on time. So many technological data are time series. Time series data are occurred through time. In this paper, we propose a methodology of technology forecasting using the dynamic time warping (DTW) of time series analysis. To illustrate how to apply our methodology to real problem, we perform a case study of patent documents in target technology field. This research will contribute to R&D planning and technology management.
Patent big data;Time series clustering;Dynamic time warping;Management;of technology;
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