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Minimum Margin Tank Loading Algorithm for Chemical Tank Loading Problem
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 Title & Authors
Minimum Margin Tank Loading Algorithm for Chemical Tank Loading Problem
Lee, Sang-Un;
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The chemical tank loading problem has been classified as nondeterministic polynomial time (NP)-complete problem because of the polynomial-time algorithm to find the solution has been unknown yet. Guret et al. tries to obtain the optimal solution using linear programming package with time complexity for chemical tank loading problem a kind of bin packing problem. On the other hand, this paper suggests the rule of loading chemical into minimum margin tank algorithm with O(m) time complexity. The proposed algorithm stores the chemical in the tank that has partial residual of the same kind chemical firstly. Then, we load the remaining chemical to the minimum marginal tanks. As a result of experiments, this algorithm reduces the of linear programming to O(m) time complexity for NP-complete chemical tank loading problem.
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