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A Study on the Relationship between Cultural Intervention and Alcoholism in Mongolia
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Relationship between Cultural Intervention and Alcoholism in Mongolia
Bolormaa, Baatar; Noh, Yun-Chae; Kim, Jong-Wook;
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There is literature addressing to cultural aspects of alcohol and alcoholism. However, scholars have paid little attention to study what will happen to alcohol consumption behavior and alcoholism if there is a national government cultural intervention, so that the alcohol drinking culture would change in association with the change of internal institution in a society. This work attempted to study this research question. For this purpose, I selected Mongolia as a research case and examined survey data, statistical data, and data from research-based resources, referring to the last 70 years profile of Mongolian alcohol per capital consumption and alcoholism as well as studying Mongolian historical sources for measuring Mongolian traditional alcohol drinking customs. The data I gathered and observed during this research proved that there is a huge difference between the current drinking culture among younger generation and Mongolian traditional cultural context that was respected and strictly followed by their ancestors. Findings suggest that there has been a parallel increase between the change of alcohol drinking culture and alcohol consumption in connection with the modernization.
cultural intervention;drinking culture;internal institutions;alcohol and alcoholism;
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Khabul khan (1120-1148 / 1150) is the first khan of all Mongols' confederation and great grand-father to Chinggis Khaan (also see Encyclopaedia Britannica, p://