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Aerial Video Summarization Approach based on Sensor Operation Mode for Real-time Context Recognition
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 Title & Authors
Aerial Video Summarization Approach based on Sensor Operation Mode for Real-time Context Recognition
Lee, Jun-Pyo;
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An Aerial video summarization is not only the key to effective browsing video within a limited time, but also an embedded cue to efficiently congregative situation awareness acquired by unmanned aerial vehicle. Different with previous works, we utilize sensor operation mode of unmanned aerial vehicle, which is global, local, and focused surveillance mode in order for accurately summarizing the aerial video considering flight and surveillance/reconnaissance environments. In focused mode, we propose the moving-react tracking method which utilizes the partitioning motion vector and spatiotemporal saliency map to detect and track the interest moving object continuously. In our simulation result, the key frames are correctly detected for aerial video summarization according to the sensor operation mode of aerial vehicle and finally, we verify the efficiency of video summarization using the proposed mothed.
Video Summarization;Video Analysis;Sensor Operation Mode;Partitioning Motion Vector;
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