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A Study on Improving the Adaptive Background Method for Outdoor CCTV Object Tracking System
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Improving the Adaptive Background Method for Outdoor CCTV Object Tracking System
Jung, Do-Wook; Choi, Hyung-Il;
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In this paper, we propose a method to solve ghosting problem. To generate adaptive background, using an exponentially decreasing number of frames, may improve object detection performance. To extract moving objects from the background by using a differential image, detection error may be caused by object rotations or environmental changes. A ghosting problem can be issue-driven when there are outdoor environmental changes and moving objects. We studied that a differential image by adaptive background may reduce the ghosting problem. In experimental results, we test that our method can solve the ghosting problem.
Adaptive background subtraction;object tracking;Object detection;adaptive background;
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Visual Tracking using Weighted Discriminative Correlation Filter,;;

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