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Antecedents of Continuous Use and Purchase Intention: In the Context of Mobile Application Store
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 Title & Authors
Antecedents of Continuous Use and Purchase Intention: In the Context of Mobile Application Store
Kim, Yoo-Jung; Han, Jin-Young;
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This study investigates predictors of continuance intention and purchase intention in mobile application(App) stores. This study identifies the structural relationships among app store quality, user habit, switching costs, user loyalty, continuance intention, and purchase intention in mobile application stores. The results indicate that user loyalty increases continuance intention and purchase intention and that user habit positively affects perceived switching costs and user loyalty. App store quality is a formative construct including quality of content, ease of use, and security. App store quality affects user habit positively. This study theoretically and practically contributes to the integration of influential factors for continuance intention as well as purchase intention.
App Store Quality;Continuance Intention;Mobile Application Store;Purchase Intention;Perceived Switching Cost;User Habit;User Loyalty;
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