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CUDA based parallel design of a shot change detection algorithm using frame segmentation and object movement
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 Title & Authors
CUDA based parallel design of a shot change detection algorithm using frame segmentation and object movement
Kim, Seung-Hyun; Lee, Joon-Goo; Hwang, Doo-Sung;
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This paper proposes the parallel design of a shot change detection algorithm using frame segmentation and moving blocks. In the proposed approach, the high parallel processing components, such as frame histogram calculation, block histogram calculation, Otsu threshold setting function, frame moving operation, and block histogram comparison, are designed in parallel for NVIDIA GPU. In order to minimize memory access delay time and guarantee fast computation, the output of a GPU kernel becomes the input data of another kernel in a pipeline way using the shared memory of GPU. In addition, the optimal sizes of CUDA processing blocks and threads are estimated through the prior experiments. In the experimental test of the proposed shot change detection algorithm, the detection rate of the GPU based parallel algorithm is the same as that of the CPU based algorithm, but the average of processing time speeds up about 6~8 times.
shot change detection;frame segmentation;Otsu`s Threshold;CUDA;
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