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The Effects of Self-esteem and Social Capital on Self-support Program Participants` Will of Self-reliance
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 Title & Authors
The Effects of Self-esteem and Social Capital on Self-support Program Participants` Will of Self-reliance
Lee, Hyoung-Ha;
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This study was conducted in order to identify factors that influence the will of self-reliance among workers participating in self-support programs. For this purpose, data were collected from self-support program participants in 2012 (1,301 participants in self-supporting labor programs and 128 in self-support community programs). Input variables analyzed as factors influencing the will of self-reliance were socio-demographic variables, self-esteem, and social capital. According to the results, first, self-supporting labor program participants` self-esteem was 2.328 out of 4 (S.M
self support program;will of self reliance;self esteem;social capital;
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