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Study on Internal Service Quality, Job Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction in Airline Industry
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 Title & Authors
Study on Internal Service Quality, Job Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction in Airline Industry
Kim, Seung-Lee; Cho, Young-Shin;
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In this study, the basic concept of service profit chain was introduced based on the existing studies related to service quality of airline ground crew to find out how are customer satisfaction influenced by factors related to employees who provide service quality to the customers, such as internal service quality and job satisfaction. The data of this study was collected by questionnaire and based on airline ground crews and Gimpo international airport users. A total of 190 of airline ground crew and 273 of passengers validity sample was analyzed a frequency analysis, reliability analysis, exploratory factor analysis and correlation coefficient analysis from SPSS 21, a hypothesis through out confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling from AMOS 7.0. As a result of the analyses, it was found that the models was appropriate in proving the hypotheses on interrelationships among internal service quality, job satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Overall, finding of this study enhance the theoretical progress on the experiential concept in walking tour and offer important implication for airline industry marketers.
Internal Service Quality;Job Satisfaction;Customer Satisfaction;Airline Ground Crew;
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