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A Probabilistic Broadcasting Mechanism based on Cross Layer Model Deliberating Received Signal Strength Ratio in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
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 Title & Authors
A Probabilistic Broadcasting Mechanism based on Cross Layer Model Deliberating Received Signal Strength Ratio in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Kim, Jae-Soo;
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Mobile Ad Hoc Networks(MANETs) consists of mobile nodes which communicate with each other without any centralized infrastructure. Message broadcasting by flooding for route discovery in MANET can result in high redundant retransmission, contention and collision of broadcasting packet, known as the broadcast storm problem collectively. The cross-layer design is adopted in this paper, which lets routing layer share the received signal strength information at MAC layer. Also this paper proposes a new probabilistic approach that dynamically adjusts the rebroadcasting probability of a node for routing request packets (RREQs) according to the received signal strength. The simulation results show that the proposed approach demonstrates better performance than blind flooding, fixed probabilistic broadcasting approaches.
Mobile Ad-Hoc Network;MANET;Ad Hoc Routing;Probabilistic Broadcasting;Cross Layer Design;rebroadcast probability;
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