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Recognition of Basic Motions for Snowboarding using AHRS
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 Title & Authors
Recognition of Basic Motions for Snowboarding using AHRS
Kwon, Ki-Hyeon; Lee, Hyung-Bong;
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Internet of Things (IoT) is widely used for biomechanics in sports activities and AHRS(Attitude and Heading Reference System) is a more cost effective solution than conventional high-grade IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units) that only integrate gyroscopes. In this paper, we attach the AHRS to the snowboard to measure the motion data like Air To Fakie, Caballerial and Free Style. In order to reduce the measurement error, we have adopted the sensors equipped with Kalman filtering and also used Euler angle to quaternion conversion to reduce the Gimbal-lock effect. We have tested and evaluated the accuracy and execution time of the pattern recognition algorithms like PCA, ICA, LDA, SVM to show the recognition possibility of it on the basic motions of Snowboarding from the 9-axis trajectory information which is gathered from AHRS sensor. With the result, PCA, ICA have low accuracy, but SVM have good accuracy to use for recognition of basic motions of Snowboarding.
Snowboarding;LDA;SVM;AHRS;Kalman Filter;
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