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Flow Holding Time based Advanced Hybrid QoS Routing Link State Update in QoS Routing
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 Title & Authors
Flow Holding Time based Advanced Hybrid QoS Routing Link State Update in QoS Routing
Cho, Kang Hong;
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In this paper, we propose a AH LSU(Advanced Hybrid QoS Routing Link State Update) Algorithm that improves the performance of Hybrid LSU(Hybrid QoS Link State State Update) Algorithm with statistical information of flow holding time in network. AH LSU algorithm has had both advantages of LSU message control in periodic QoS routing LSU algorithm and QoS routing performance in adaptive LSU algorithm. It has the mechanism that calculate LSU message transmission priority using the flow of statistical request bandwidth and available bandwidth and include MLMR(Meaningless LSU Message Removal) mechanism. MLMR mechanism can remove the meaningless LSU message generating repeatedly in short time. We have evaluated the performance of the MLMR mechanism, the proposed algorithm and the existing algorithms on MCI simulation network. We use the performance metric as the QoS routing blocking rate and the mean update rate per link, it thus appears that we have verified the performance of this algorithm.
Link State Update(LSU);Flow Holding Time;QoS Routing;Traffic;Bandwidth;
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