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Pattern Recognition for Typification of Whiskies and Brandies in the Volatile Components using Gas Chromatographic Data
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 Title & Authors
Pattern Recognition for Typification of Whiskies and Brandies in the Volatile Components using Gas Chromatographic Data
Myoung, Sungmin; Oh, Chang-Hwan;
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The volatile component analysis of 82 commercialized liquors(44 samples of single malt whisky, 20 samples of blended whisky and 18 samples of brandy) was carried out by gas chromatography after liquid-liquid extraction with dichloromethane. Pattern recognition techniques such as principle component analysis(PCA), cluster analysis(CA), linear discriminant analysis(LDA) and partial least square discriminant analysis(PLSDA) were applied for the discrimination of different liquor categories. Classification rules were validated by considering sensitivity and specificity of each class. Both techniques, LDA and PLSDA, gave 100% sensitivity and specificity for all of the categories. These results suggested that the common characteristics and identities as typification of whiskies and brandys was founded by using multivariate data analysis method.
Discrimination;gas chromatographic data;multivariate data analysis;pattern recognition;
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