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High Performance IP Address Lookup Using GPU
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High Performance IP Address Lookup Using GPU
Kim, Junghwan; Kim, Jinsoo;
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Increasing Internet traffic and forwarding table size need high performance IP address lookup engine which is a crucial function of routers. For finding the longest matching prefix, trie-based or its variant schemes have been widely researched in software-based IP lookup. As a software router, we enhance the IP address lookup engine using GPU which is a device widely used in high performance applications. We propose a data structure for multibit trie to exploit GPU hardware efficiently. Also, we devise a novel scheme that the root subtrie is loaded on Shared Memory which is specialized for fast access in GPU. Since the root subtrie is accessed on every IP address lookup, its fast access improves the lookup performance. By means of the performance evaluation, our implemented GPU-based lookup engine shows 17~23 times better performance than CPU-based engine. Also, the fast access technique for the root subtrie gives 10% more improvement.
IP address lookup;Router;GPU;Multibit trie;CUDA;
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