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Research Trend on Internal Marketing of Medical Service Organization
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 Title & Authors
Research Trend on Internal Marketing of Medical Service Organization
Kim, Woon-Shin;
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In this research aimed to deduce internal marketing factors, purpose, and their practical application by analyzing preceding researches on internal marketing of Korean medical service organization and investigating the recent trend of its research. Subjects of research are ten preceding researches that have been published in KCI records for the last five years from 2011 to 2016. Summarize result of researches, first, internal factors that were most frequently used were internal communication, compensation system, and education and training, which were used by 8(.8). Second, occupations that had most interest in the internal marketing research appeared to be nursing(.9) and administration(.3). Third, the practical application of the internal marketing appeared to be job satisfaction(.8), followed by customer orientation(.6), and organizational commitment(.4). Suggestion do, necessary to develop subordinate factors regarding the realistic internal marketing, such as both-sided internal communication enhancement, education and training, compensation system differentiated by individuals and teams, fairness in performance rating, work environment improvement, delegation of authority, career development, shared organizational vision in order to maximize job satisfaction, job commitment, and organizational commitment of employees as internal customers, before establishing strategies to satisfy patients and guardians who are external customers.
Medical Service Organization;Internal Marketing;Internal Marketing Factors;Job Satisfaction;
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