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Study of the Prior Review System about Medical Advertising on the Existing Laws
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 Title & Authors
Study of the Prior Review System about Medical Advertising on the Existing Laws
Kim, Woon-Shin; Joung, Soon-Hyoung;
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This study tries to seek the is the realistic improvements and legislative measures about current medical advertising which was in the Court on 12 May 2015 by presenting and discussion the understanding, problems and its alternative direction of pre-deliberation on the existing law which is the decision on the constitutionality of health care advertising regulated health care advertising General commercial advertising has the right which have to be protected as the terms of the protection of know and freedom of expression and advertiser`s there are sure to be in a value to be protected. Medical advertising is also a person in addition to the absolute value that includes both Due to the particularity of medical advertising in terms of life and the right to health Until now, this has been the target of strong regulations are changing the policy of gradual deregulation in our country, including the country. Medical advertising on the current medical law had been to be checked by pre-deliberation of the executive power. However, due to unconstitutional, in the circumstances which a false hype is flooding and increasing, it has been realized that the fair competition of medical community, life and health rights of the people are threatened by in reverse. In this regard, the abolition of the pre-deliberation system of medical advertising can be welcomed by abolition of the old system which is the legal and institutional censorship. Since its abolition, the alternative policy direction is insufficient also it is not clear. Therefore we need to study this. Therefore, in this paper, we try to find general theoretical background and problem of pre-deliberation system of medical advertising. Also, as trying to find feasibility or ambiguity of regulation and issues about medical advertising on medical law, we argued the provision of special measures of the medical advertising for introduction of integrated medical advertising deliberation committee which can ensure the independence and autonomy, strengthening of the monitoring on the internet advertising, legal resolving through amendments, strengthening of penalties, and establish special measures of medical advertising for the medical privatization and demand for the foreign medical tourist, etc. Empirical study about practical regulatory measures of medical advertising which converged the various opinions of consumer groups, government and academia, and medical community, and we expect hope to see the more realistic alternative provision.
Medical Advertising;Pre-Deliberation of Medical Advertising;Regulation of Medical advertising;Life and Health right;Medical Advertising Deliberation Committee;
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