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Detecting the HTTP-GET Flood Attacks Based on the Access Behavior of Inline Objects in a Web-page Using NetFlow Data
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 Title & Authors
Detecting the HTTP-GET Flood Attacks Based on the Access Behavior of Inline Objects in a Web-page Using NetFlow Data
Kang, Koo-Hong;
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Nowadays, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on web sites reward attackers financially or politically because our daily lifes tightly depends on web services such as on-line banking, e-mail, and e-commerce. One of DDoS attacks to web servers is called HTTP-GET flood attack which is becoming more serious. Most existing techniques are running on the application layer because these attack packets use legitimate network protocols and HTTP payloads; that is, network-level intrusion detection systems cannot distinguish legitimate HTTP-GET requests and malicious requests. In this paper, we propose a practical detection technique against HTTP-GET flood attacks, based on the access behavior of inline objects in a webpage using NetFlow data. In particular, our proposed scheme is working on the network layer without any application-specific deep packet inspections. We implement the proposed detection technique and evaluate the ability of attack detection on a simple test environment using NetBot attacker. Moreover, we also show that our approach must be applicable to real field by showing the test profile captured on a well-known e-commerce site. The results show that our technique can detect the HTTP-GET flood attack effectively.
HTTP-GET flood attack;Internet security;NetFlow;
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