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Monitoring Country-of-Origin Labels and Indication Contents for Meat on Electronic On-line Trading
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 Title & Authors
Monitoring Country-of-Origin Labels and Indication Contents for Meat on Electronic On-line Trading
Nam, Jung-Oak; Nam, Bo-Ra; Park, Jung-Min; Lee, Ra-Mi; Gu, Hyo-Jung; Suh, Hyung-Joo; Chang, Un-Jae; Kim, Jin-Man;
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The number of internet users and the scale of electronic on-line trading are on the increase due to the development of information technology and the internet. The aim of this study was to monitor the accuracy of country-of-origin labels and the indicated contents of meat available by electronic on-line trading by using a structural interview sheet for 100 on-line meat product markets. The result of this investigation showed a 100% level of accuracy for business name and telephone number whereas the company address, meat manufacturer and supplier, and business registration were less reliable. We also investigated the accuracy of site policy, e-mail address, and fax number. The results showed that the accuracy of fax numbers was the lowest. The product name and the kind of meat actually in the product showed a 100% level of conformity, while the price (96.3%), place of origin (93.6%), capacity (90.4%), meat parts (80.9%) and contents of the product (73.4%) showed a relatively low level of conformity. Serious safety issues were exposed by the disturbingly low 20.2% accuracy of indicated expiration dates and 5.3% accuracy of indicated manufacturing dates. To ensure food safety, it is essential to improve consumer understanding and trust regarding food safety through continuous public relations. More education and information are needed to raise consumer awareness of the facts versus myths regarding food safety.
meat product;food indication;electronic on-line trading;
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서울 및 경기지역 식육판매업소의 위생관리 실태분석 - HACCP 지정업소와 미지정업소 비교를 중심으로 -,이주연;백진경;황혜선;이주은;신원선;김현욱;백현동;홍완수;

한국축산식품학회지, 2010. vol.30. 2, pp.336-344 crossref(new window)
한우에 대한 소비자의 구매특성 및 만족도 조사,황은경;배만종;김병기;

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