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Effect of the Feeding Probiotics on the Performance and Meat Quality Characteristics of the Finishing Pigs
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 Title & Authors
Effect of the Feeding Probiotics on the Performance and Meat Quality Characteristics of the Finishing Pigs
Kim, Hee-Yoon; Kim, Young-Yik;
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We investigated the effects of dietary supplements such as probiotics, illite, active carbon and hardwood vinegar on growth performance and meat quality characteristics in finishing pigs. One hundred fifty pigs (; average initial body weight) were used for a 100 day experiment. Pigs were randomly placed into one of five experimented diet groups (control, 0.2% probiotics, 1.0% illite, 1.0% active carbon, and 1.0% hardwood vinegar) and were slaughtered at approximately 110 kg live weight. The addition of 1.0% active carbon and hardwood vinegar caused a decrease in free water while, WHC (water holding capacity) was higher compared with controls. Drip loss in hog flesh was decreased by feeding probiotics, illite, active carbon and hardwood vinegar. Cooking loss was decreased when hogs were fed hardwood vinegar. Lightness () and redness () were no difference between the all treatment groups, yellowness () was higher when feeding active carbon and hardwood vinegar by 1.0%. When hogs were fed hardwood vinegar, drip loss was decreased, and meat color was higher in sensory evaluation of fresh meat. In cooked hog meat, meat color and juiciness were higher in hogs fed hardwood vinegar. These results showed that supplementing hog diets with 1.0% hardwood vinegar may noticeably improve the meat quality of finishing hogs.
probiotics;illite;active carbon;hardwood vinegar;meat quality;
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들국화분말, 생균제 및 Selenium 복합 급여가 비육기 돈육의 육질 특성에 미치는 영향,진상근;김일석;허인철;최승연;유기옥;김진근;강석남;

한국축산식품학회지, 2009. vol.29. 1, pp.114-120 crossref(new window)
19종 시판 탄화초액의 항산화활성의 평가 및 비교,김성필;남석현;

Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry, 2009. vol.52. 4, pp.174-179 crossref(new window)
사료 및 보조사료로서의 생균제 급여에 따른 돈사 환경개선과 돼지 생산성에 미치는 영향,이은영;임정수;

한국미생물생명공학회지, 2011. vol.39. 3, pp.200-209
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