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Purification and Characterization of Mongolian Mare Lactoferrin
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 Title & Authors
Purification and Characterization of Mongolian Mare Lactoferrin
Kim, Kee-Sung; Kim, Ji-Sun; Shin, Mi-Soon; Noh, Hae-Won; Lim, Sang-Dong; Suvd, Duvjir; Alimaa, J.;
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The lactoferrin from mongolian mare colostrum has been purified by gel filtration (Sephadex G-100), affinity chromatography (Toyopear1-AF-Heparin-650M) in two steps. Mare lactoferrin-containing fractions were identified in the first peak among 3 peaks on Sephadex G-100 as first step, and purified lactoferrin was eluted with a step gradient of 0.5M NaCl as a 3 step (gradient 0.1,0.3, 0.5M). Eluted fractions were analyzed by 12% SDS-PAGE, and showed a single protein. Its molecular weight was estimated to be 82kDa. N-terminal amino acid sequence was determined as APRKSVRWCTISPAEXAKXA.
lactoferrin;mare milk;molecular weight;N-terminal sequence;
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