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Milk Containing BF-7 Enhances the Learning and Memory, Attention, and Mathematical Ability of Normal Persons
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 Title & Authors
Milk Containing BF-7 Enhances the Learning and Memory, Attention, and Mathematical Ability of Normal Persons
Kim, Do-Hee; Lee, Hyun-Jung; Choi, Gooi-Hun; Kim, Ok-Hyeon; Lee, Kwang-Gill; Yeo, Joo-Hong; Lee, Jun-Young; Lee, Sang-Hyung; Youn, Young-Chul; Lee, Jang-Han; Paik, Hyun-Dong; Lee, Won-Bok; Kim, Sung-Su; Jung, Hee-Yeon;
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Previous studies indicate that BF-7 enhances learning and memory in normal and elderly individuals. Here, we evaluated whether milk containing BF-7 (BF-7 milk) could improve the brain function, with thirty normal university students . Two versions of the Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test were used under double-blinded conditions to measure the efficacy of BF-7 milk on learning and memory, especially working memory and attention, and on mathematical ability. As a result, BF-7 milk improved the accuracy of the task more than 3-fold. Furthermore, BF-7 milk protected cultured neuronal cells from 3-hydroxykynurenine, a normal endogenous brain stress agent. These results indicate that BF-7 milk enhances memory, attention and mathematical ability in normal persons.
learning and memory;attention;BF-7;mathematical ability;milk;
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천연 소재 BF-7의 어린이 장.단기 기억력 향상 효과,김도희;김옥현;여주홍;이광길;박금덕;김대진;정윤희;김경용;이원복;윤영철;정윤화;이상형;현주석;

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