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Effects of Dietary Mugwort on the Performance and Meat Quality of Hanwoo Steers during Refrigerated Storage
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Dietary Mugwort on the Performance and Meat Quality of Hanwoo Steers during Refrigerated Storage
Kim, Byung-Ki; Choi, Chang-Bon; Kim, Young-Jik;
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A total of fifty Hanwoo steers raised from 14 to 29 months were used to investigated the effects of dietary mugwort on the performance and meat quality during refrigerated storage. A feeding trial was tested for 14.7 months and experimental diets included 0 and 2% dried wild mugwort. Total weight gain and average daily gain in this study were significantly higher in mugwort treatment than control treatment. Feed efficiency was improved by mugwort treatment compared with control treatment. Any difference in GOT (glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase), GPT (glutamic pyrubic transaminase), and BUN (blood urea nitrogen) was not observed between groups. Carcass weight and longissimus muscle area were higher for mugwort treatment than control. As fattening increased, total cholesterol in blood increased. Total cholesterol in blood tended to be lower in mugwort treatment than control treatment (p<0.05). The heating loss, , , , chroma, and hue unit of all treatments were not affected treatment, but showed a significant decrease in all treatments during refrigerated storage. For fatty acid composition in longissimus muscle, dietary mugwort supplementation increased unsaturated fatty acid than saturated fatty acid (p<0.05). Based on these findings, it is obvious that supplementation of mugwort at 2% level will be useful to decrease cholesterol, increase unsaturated fatty acid, and improve growth performance of Hanwoo steers.
growth performance;meat quality;meat color;fatty acid;
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