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Mathematical Simulation of the Temperature Dependence of Time Temperature Integrator (TTI) and Meat Qualities
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 Title & Authors
Mathematical Simulation of the Temperature Dependence of Time Temperature Integrator (TTI) and Meat Qualities
Park, Han-Jo; Shim, Soo-Dong; Min, Sang-Gi; Lee, Seung-Ju;
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The temperature dependence of time temperature integrator (TTI) was investigated in terms of the Arrhenius activation energy (Ea) to determine TTI requirements to accurately predict meat quality during storage. Mathematical simulation was conducted using a numerical analysis. First, using Euler`s method and MS Excel VBA, the TTI color change was kinetically modeled and numerically calculated under several storage conditions. From the TTI color variable profiles calculated from the storage time-temperature profiles, , which is a constant temperature representing the whole temperature profiles, was calculated. Upon predicting Pseudomonas spp. concentrations (one of the meat qualities) from , it was found that if $Ea_{microbial\;spoilage}
time temperature integrator;temperature dependence;activation energy;mathematical simulation;
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명태 유통 중 Pseudomonas spp. 농도의 예측 모델링과 민감도 분석,심수동;성재웅;이중용;이다선;김선봉;홍광원;이양봉;이승주;

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