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The Role of Ca Equilibrium on the Functional Properties of Cheese: A Review
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 Title & Authors
The Role of Ca Equilibrium on the Functional Properties of Cheese: A Review
Lee, Mee-Ryung; Lee, Won-Jae;
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The functional properties of cheese, such as texture and melt, are known to be controlled by several important parameters. Recently, the characteristics of Ca in cheeses, especially the form of Ca (insoluble (INSOL) or soluble) and the shift in Ca equilibrium (i.e., from INSOL to soluble Ca), during aging has received a lot of attention. The INSOL form of Ca, which is present as a structural form in casein, plays a critical role in determining the functional properties of cheese during the early period of ripening (~1 mon). It seems that there is always a reduction of INSOL Ca content in cheese during ripening and there are also factors that can affect the shift in Ca equilibrium. These factors may include the composition of cheese milk, cheese manufacturing pH, acid development during aging, adopting curd-washing in various methods, pre-acidification of milk, etc. There have been many studies showing that the rheological and melting properties of cheese during ripening were significantly (p<0.05) affected by the shift in Ca equilibrium. Therefore, for cheese makers, it is now possible to predict/manage the functional properties of cheese by monitoring and controlling Ca equilibrium in cheese during aging.
Ca equilibrium;insoluble Ca;cheese functionality;
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