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Rapid Identification of Cow and Goat Milk in Milk Products Using a Duplex PCR Technique
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 Title & Authors
Rapid Identification of Cow and Goat Milk in Milk Products Using a Duplex PCR Technique
Lee, Seung-Bae; Choi, Suk-Ho;
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A duplex PCR technique was applied for specific identification of cow and goat milk in milk products by using primers targeting the mitochondrial 12S rRNA gene. Duplex PCR using primers specific for cow and goat generated specific fragments of 223bp and 326bp from cow and goat milk DNA, respectively. Duplex PCR was applied to 15 milk products purchased from the market to verify label statements. The labeling statements of four market milk products, three yoghurt products, and one whole milk powder product were confirmed in the duplex PCR. The labeling statements of five of seven infant milk powder products were also confirmed by duplex PCR but the other two products were shown to be contaminated with either cow or goat milk. The proposed duplex PCR provides a rapid and sensitive approach to detection of as little as 0.1% cow milk in goat milk and one-step detection of cow or goat milk in milk products.
duplex PCR;milk products;species identification;goat milk;cow milk;
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