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Changes of Pork Antigenicity by Heat, Pressure, Sonication, Microwave, and Gamma Irradiation
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 Title & Authors
Changes of Pork Antigenicity by Heat, Pressure, Sonication, Microwave, and Gamma Irradiation
Kim, Seo-Jin; Kim, Koth-Bong-Woo-Ri; Song, Eu-Jin; Lee, So-Young; Yoon, So-Young; Lee, So-Jeong; Lee, Chung-Jo; Park, Jin-Gyu; Lee, Ju-Woon; Byun, Myung-Woo; Ahn, Dong-Hyun;
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The purpose of this study was to search for physical treatments to reduce allergenicity of pork. Physical treatments such as heating, autoclave, microwave, sonication, and irradiation have been used for food processing or reduction of allergenicity. The porcine serum albumin (PSA), known as a major allergen in pork, was extracted after physical treatments. The antigenicity of pork extracts by heating (80 and for 20 min), autoclave ( for 5, 10, and 30 min), and microwave (for 5 and 10 min) was significantly decreased. Especially, the binding ability of p-IgG to pork extracts by autoclave for 30 min showed the greatest decrease (about 3%) in physical treatments. However, the antigenicity of pork was unaffected by sonication and irradiation treatment. These results indicated that the autoclave treatment was the most effective method to reduce the antigenicity of pork.
PSA;pork;physical treatments;antigenicity;
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가압가열 및 Microwave 처리에 의한 중력분 Gliadin의 항원성 변화,곽지희;김꽃봉우리;이청조;김민지;김동현;선우찬;정슬아;강주연;김현지;최정수;김성원;안동현;

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