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Comparison of Measuring Methods for Somatic Cell Count in Goat Milk
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Measuring Methods for Somatic Cell Count in Goat Milk
Lee, Seung-Gyu; Kim, Min-Kyung; Lee, Yeon-Jeong; Jeong, Seok-Geun; Oh, Mi-Hwa; Kim, Dong-Hun; Park, Kwang-Wook; Lee, Wan-Kyu; Ham, Jun-Sang;
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The standard method for somatic cell counts in goat milk is the direct microscopic method after a pyronin Y-methyl stain. It has been reported, however, that are found to differ by measuring methods, but. A total of forty eight goat milk samples from eight farms were compared by pyronin Y-methyl stain, ADAM-SCC in National Institute of Animal Science, and Somacount 500 in Chungbuk Veterinary Service. The average SCC of the samples was cells/mL by pyronin Y-methyl stain, cells/mL by ADAM-SCC, and cells/mL by Somacount 500. The correlations between the methods were not significant. SCC measuring equipment should be developed for reducing the SCC in goat milk, and pyronin Y-methyl green stain for estimating SCC in goat milk should be included in NVRQS Notice for livestock products processing and composition standards.
goat milk;somatic cell counts;
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