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Effects of Tannery Wastes on the Fattening of Growing Cattle, Carcass, and Meat Quality
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Tannery Wastes on the Fattening of Growing Cattle, Carcass, and Meat Quality
Alam, Jahangir; Hossain, Mufazzal; Beg, Anwarul Haque; Nam, Ki-Chang; Lee, Sang-Suk;
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The present study was conducted to determine the effect of tannery waste protein concentrate (TWPC) on fattening of cattle and the carcass and meat quality, with the aim of replacing the costly commercial protein concentrate (Jasoprot) with a more economical and effective alternative. Twelve young cattle (six male and six female) were fed during the study period on a control diet (T1) with 10% Jasoprot and on two test diets: 5% TWPC + 5% Jasoprot (T2) and 10% TWPC (T3). The test diets significantly affected (p<0.05) live weight gain and profitability compared to the control diet, perhaps due to the increased protein and essential amino acid content, relative to Jasoprot. TWPC was free of aflatoxin. Sensory-evaluated organoleptic scores did not differ among the groups. Chemical composition was normal as other beef and was non toxic especially within recommended chromium level () Total lipid contents were higher (p<0.05) in T3, and moisture, ash and crude protein contents were almost similar (p>0.05) among the three groups. It is concluded that TWPC or an equal mixture of TWPC and Jasoprot may be an economic and efficient alternative protein source to Jasoprot in the cattle industry, which minimizes adverse effects on carcass and sensory meat quality.
tannery wastes;fattening cattle;carcass;meat quality;protein concentrate;
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