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Manufacture of Precheese Powder by Use of Low-temperature Renneting Made from Raw Milk Using Spray Dryer
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 Title & Authors
Manufacture of Precheese Powder by Use of Low-temperature Renneting Made from Raw Milk Using Spray Dryer
An, Shuo-Feng; Piao, Jing-Zhu; Chang, Oun-Ki;
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Among the food constituents, proteins differ in coagulation properties as compared to other constituents in food system. Especially milk protein coagulate through different pathways thus this coagulability can be used for manufacture of various dairy products or as a determinant of dairy product analysis. These milk coagulation methods include organic solvent, isoelectric point, trichloroacetic acid, Ca-sensitive casein, heavy metal ion and rennet coagulation. The coagulation experiment was performed using above parameters at and to find the dehydration conditions before coagulating for precheese powder making. After different chemical treatments, there was no coagulation at rather at whatever the mode of coagulation methods was. The appearance of precipitate with coagulation methods was quite different from above mentioned methods of coagulation illustrated by scanning electron microscope. These powders were used for fabrication of camembert cheese by renneting coagulation at , showing the possibility of cheese materials and of food additives for fabrication of products.
low-temperature renneting;precheese powder;spray drying;coagulation;casein micelle;scanning electron microscopy;
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