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Effect of Organic Acid Salts and Chitosan on Case-Ready Packed Ground Beef and Pork Patties
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Organic Acid Salts and Chitosan on Case-Ready Packed Ground Beef and Pork Patties
Park, Seon-Hee; Chung, Seung-Hee; Lee, Sung-Ki; Lee, Keun-Taik;
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The effects of ascorbic acid (AA) alone or in combination with sodium acetate/calcium lactate (AA+SACL) and chitosan (AA+CH) on the physicochemical properties and microbial growth of beef and pork patties stored at were investigated. The patties were case-ready packed in an air-containing polypropylene (PP) tray and sealed with polyethylene terephthlate (PETP)/casted polypropylene (CPP) top film. Treatments with AA, AA+SACL and AA+CH were effective in inhibiting total aerobic bacteria from day 4 compared to the control. In general, thiobarbituric acid, volatile basic nitrogen, and hue values in treated samples were lower than the control over the storage, whereas Hunter (redness) values and sensory scores for surface color and off-odor were higher. Regarding quality and shelf-life extension, ground beef and pork patties treated with AA+SACL produced the most desirable results among all treatments during storage.
ascorbic acid;acetate and lactate;chitosan;patties;shelf-life;
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