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Quality Characteristics of the Hamburger Patties with Bamboo (Sasa borealis) Leaf Extract with/without Cooked Rice
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 Title & Authors
Quality Characteristics of the Hamburger Patties with Bamboo (Sasa borealis) Leaf Extract with/without Cooked Rice
Oh, Hyun-Kyung; Lim, Hyeon-Sook;
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This study was conducted to develop patties by substituting a portion of meat by bamboo (Sasa borealis) leaf extract (SBE) and/or cooked rice. Four types of patty were prepared: Control, S, SI, and SII. S was the patty for which 2.5% of meat was substituted with SBE. SI and SII were the patties with 25% or 50%, of meat, respectively, substituted with cooked rice containing SBE. The moisture contents of S, SI, and SII patties were not changed. The compositions of fat, cholesterol, and protein of S, SI, and SII patties were decreased. Cooking loss of weight as well as the diameters of S, SI, and SII patties were decreased. pH was increased in S patty, hardness was reduced in SI and SII patties, and malondialdehyde values were lowered in S, SI, and SII patties, compared to control. The S, SI, and SII patties were evaluated higher for color in sensory tests and preference tests. Through preference tests of burgers with these patties, the overall taste of the SI patty was assessed highly among the 4 patties. Therefore, it may be concluded that developing a patty by substituting a portion of meat with SBE and/or cooked rice may be worthwhile.
bamboo leaf;Sasa borealis;rice;hamburger patty;
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