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Comparison of Pork Quality by Different Berkshire Line
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Pork Quality by Different Berkshire Line
Park, Beom-Young; Cho, Soo-Hyun; Kim, Jin-Hyoung; Seong, Pil-Nam; Kang, Geun-Ho; Jeong, Da-Woon; Kim, Chul-Wook; Park, Hwa-Chun; Jeong, Jong-Hyun; Choi, Jong-Soon; Kim, Dong-Hun;
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Objective of this study was to develop a Korean Berkshire line produced using organized management techniques. A total of 448 pigs divided into five line groups were slaughtered and analyzed for their meat quality. values were significantly higher in lines 1~4 (pH 6.08). However, values were lower in line 1 (pH 5.69) and line 3 (pH 5.65) (p<0.05) than in the other lines. Moisture contents were significantly higher in line 5, and the intramuscular fat contents (3.07%) were significantly higher in the other four lines. Water holding capacity (WHC) was higher for line 3 (58.36%) while Warner-Bratzler shear force (WBS) values were significantly higher for line 4 (2.84 kg/) than in the other lines (p<0.05). For meat color properties, L values (CIE L) were 51.59 for line 5, and this value was higher than the other lines. There were no significant differences in values and values among the five lines (p>0.05). Therefore, line 5 was selected as the growth type, whereas line 4 was selected as the Korean Berkshire line that produced pork significantly higher in pH and significantly lower in meat color (lightness), drip loss, and WBS.
Berkshire;pH;water holding capacity;meat color;meat quality;
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돼지의 웅돈계열에 따른 도체형질 및 육질 변화에 관한 연구,선두원;서현우;김병우;양한술;주선태;이정규;

한국축산식품학회지, 2013. vol.33. 1, pp.125-132 crossref(new window)
제주재래돼지와 Landrace 교잡돈의 도체 및 부분육 생산특성,서수영;박경미;조수현;강근호;;강선문;박범영;조인철;성필남;

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Effect of a c-MYC Gene Polymorphism (g.3350G>C) on Meat Quality Traits in Berkshire,;;;;

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