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Effects of Dietary Bio Ethanol By-product and Complex Enzyme on Meat Quality of Pork Loin
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Dietary Bio Ethanol By-product and Complex Enzyme on Meat Quality of Pork Loin
Yoo, Jong-Sang; Jang, Hae-Dong; Kim, In-Ho;
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This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary complex enzyme (-mannanase 800 IU/kg and xylanase 700 IU/kg) in a diet containing corn distiller's dried grain with soluble (DDGS) on meat quality and pork fatty acid composition. Ninety-six pigs ([(LandraceYorkshire)Duroc], with an average body weight of 68.77 kg were used in the 8 wk growth assay. Dietary treatments included 1) corn-soybean meal diet, 2) corn-soybean meal diet + 0.05% enzyme complex, 3) cornsoybean meal diet with DDGS and 4) corn-soybean meal diet with DDGS + 0.05% enzyme complex. The pigs were allotted randomly into pens (n=4 per pen) with six replicate pens per treatment by a completely randomized design. Pigs were slaughtered at the end of the experiment and the loin muscle was obtained for meat quality. Meat pH (p<0.01), firmness (p<0.01) and redness (p<0.05) were higher in DDGS-supplemented diet than in the corn-soy bean meal diet. However, color, marbling, lightness, yellowness, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances, water holing capacity, driploss, cooking loss and loin muscle area were not significantly different among the diets. The pigs fed the DGGS-supplemented diet had higher total unsaturated fatty acids (UFA) and total UFA/saturated fatty acid (SFA) ratio of loin and backfat. The results indicate that a diet containing DDGS can influence pH, firmness, redness and total UFA concentration and total UFA/SFA ratio of meat and backfat, but that enzyme addition has no affect on meat quality.
DDGS;meat quality;fatty acid composition;pork;
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