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Effect of Red Beet on Quality and Color Stability of Low-fat Sausages during Refrigerated Storage
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Red Beet on Quality and Color Stability of Low-fat Sausages during Refrigerated Storage
Jeong, Ho-Jin; Lee, Hong-Chul; Chin, Koo-Bok;
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This study was performed to evaluate the quality characteristics of low-fat boiled or smoked sausages containing sodium nitrite and various levels of red beet during refrigerated storage. Physicochemical properties of boiled and smoked sausages were not affected by the addition of red beet (p>0.05), except for the color values. The interaction between treatment and storage time had significant effects on redness and yellowness of boiled sausages, and on redness of smoked sausages (p<0.05). Boiled sausages containing more than 0.5% red beet decreased lightness and increased redness and yellowness (p<0.05). During storage time, redness decreased and yellowness increased (p<0.05). The combination of sodium nitrite with red beet was better than red beet alone for color stability. In the smoked sausages, addition of red beet decreased lightness, but redness (p<0.05), unlike the boiled sausages, did not change. Redness of sausages containing red beet alone decreased with increased storage time (p<0.05), but there was no change (p>0.05) upon treatment with the combination of sodium nitrite and red beet. These results indicate that the combination of red beet and sodium nitrite contributed to color stability of smoked sausages during refrigerated storage. Therefore, we suggest that red beet as a natural colorant may be used to reduce the content of nitrite during low-fat sausage processing.
low-fat sausages;hunter color;sodium nitrite;red beet;natural colorant;
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