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Composition, Structure, and Bioactive Components in Milk Fat Globule Membrane
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 Title & Authors
Composition, Structure, and Bioactive Components in Milk Fat Globule Membrane
Ahn, Yu-Jin; Ganesan, Palanivel; Kwak, Hae-Soo;
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A unique biophysical membrane which surrounds the milk fat globules is called the milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). Various researches were studied about origin, composition, structure and bioactive components of MFGM. Bioactive protein components of MFGM play an important beneficiary function such as defense mechanism in new born. Among the bioactive lipid components from MFGM phospholipids showed health enhancing functions. The phospholipids also help in the production of certain dairy product from deterioration. MFGM phospholipids also showed antioxidant activity in some dairy products such as butter and ghee produced from milk of buffalo. Based on the beneficial effects, researchers developed MFGM as functional ingredients in various food products. This current review focuses on health enhancing function of MFGM and its components in various dairy products.
milk fat globule membrane;bioactive protein;bioactive lipid;
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