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Effect of Gas Mixture Ratio of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Quality of Chicken Breast
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Gas Mixture Ratio of Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Quality of Chicken Breast
Chae, Hyun-Seok; Na, Jae-Cheon; Choi, Hee-Cheol; Kim, Min-Ji; Bang, Han-Tae; Kang, Hwan-Ku; Kim, Dong-Wook; Suh, Ok-Seok; Ham, Jun-Sang; Jang, Ae-Ra;
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The physicochemical characteristics of chicken breast were determined to identify the optimal ratio of and to maintain chicken breast quality during cold storage for 6 d. The mixing ratios of and were 20:80, 40:60, 60:40, and 80:20, respectively. The pH of the chicken breast packed with 80% and 20% was lower than that of the control on day 1 (p<0.05). The lightness () of the breast increased with increasing during storage (p<0.05), whereas no difference was found for redness () and yellowness (). A lower volatile basic nitrogen level was found for chicken breasts exposed to higher levels. Furthermore, lipid oxidation of the chicken breast packed with decreased with increasing level, and 40% significantly reduced 2-thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) values on days 1 and 6. The total number of microbes was reduced in chicken breast exposed to more than 40% during storage days 3 and 6 (p<0.05); however, Escherichia coli was not affected by level. Coliforms of chicken breast were reduced in the 40% level on storage day 3. Moreover, tray-packed chicken breast exposed to 40% did not collapse. These results suggest that 40% and 60% were the optimal conditions for packaging chicken breasts during cold storage.
chicken breast;packaging;;;storage;quality;
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도계과정 중 이온화칼슘 냉침이 닭고기 신선도 및 칼슘 함량에 미치는 영향,최두형;박병성;진지영;

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포장방법에 따른 국산 대두(Baektae)와 연해주 대두(Bazaz) 분말의 저장 중 산패도 변화,엄주태;이윤주;이수복;김종대;이옥환;윤원병;

산업식품공학, 2012. vol.16. 3, pp.207-213
차아염소산나트륨 세척 및 진공 포장이 노계 가슴육의 냉장 저장 중 미생물학적 및 이화학적 품질에 미치는 영향,나재천;김선효;정사무엘;이수기;강환구;최희철;조철훈;

한국가금학회지, 2013. vol.40. 4, pp.327-336 crossref(new window)
이온화칼슘이 도계과정 중 도체표면의 미생물 교차오염에 미치는 영향,박병성;진지영;

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