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Effect of Deep Sea Water Supplementation on the Quality Characteristics of Chicken Meat
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Deep Sea Water Supplementation on the Quality Characteristics of Chicken Meat
Kang, Sun-Moon; Lee, Ik-Sun; Ohh, Sang-Jip; Kim, Gur-Yoo; Lee, Sung-Ki;
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This study was conducted to investigate the effect of a deep sea water (DSW) supplement on the quality characteristics of chicken meat. One-day-old broiler chicks (Ross 308) were assigned to three groups and supplemented with water (control) or DSW diluted with deionized water at 1:40 (DSW1:40) and 1:20 (DSW1:20) ratios, respectively, for 28 d. The control was fed a basal diet containing 0.18% salt. Five birds were slaughtered from each group, and the breast meat was collected and stored at for 9 d. The DSW supplementation did not affect cholesterol content in the chicken meat. The DSW 1:40 supplement decreased fat content (p<0.05), water-holding capacity (p<0.05), and sodium and potassium contents (p<0.05) but increased unsaturated fatty acid content (p<0.05) and the value (p<0.05) of the meat. The DSW 1:20 supplement increased the value (p<0.05) but decreased thiobarbituric acid reactive substance inhibition, the value (p<0.05), and the value (p<0.05) in chicken meat. However, the DSW 1:20 supplement did not affect water-holding capacity, fatty acid composition, or mineral content. DSW supplementation at a higher concentration increased red color but decreased lipid oxidation stability. However, further studies are needed to support our findings.
deep sea water;broiler;chicken meat;lipid oxidation;color;
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