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A Challenging Study to Identify Target Proteins by a Proteomics Approach and Their Validation by Raising Polyclonal Antibody
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 Title & Authors
A Challenging Study to Identify Target Proteins by a Proteomics Approach and Their Validation by Raising Polyclonal Antibody
Jeong, Da-Woon; Park, Beom-Young; Kim, Jin-Hyoung; Hwang, In-Ho;
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This study was conducted to validate the theoretical feasibility of a technique to identify biomarkers in Korean native black pig (KNP) and a commercial Landrace breed. Using two-dimensional electrophoresis, we found six proteins (NADH dehydrogenase Fe-S protein 1, an unnamed protein product, similar to T-complex protein 1, annexin V
Korean native black pig;landrace;proteomics;longissimus dorsi muscle;polyclonal antibody;biomarker;
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