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Residual Nitrite Content and Storage Properties of Pork Patties Added with Gardenia Fructus Extract
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Residual Nitrite Content and Storage Properties of Pork Patties Added with Gardenia Fructus Extract
Jeon, Mi-Ran; Choi, Seong-Hee;
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Gardenia fructus has been reported to have bioactivities of lowering blood glucose, antitumor, antithrombosis, repression of neogenesis of blood vessels, antioxidant and antibiosis. However, the nitrite scavenging activity and utilization in meat products have not been studied. The substitution effect for nitrite and antibiosis of Gardenia fructus extract (GFE) were investigated by measuring the residual nitrite contents and storage properties of pork patties prepared with nitrite (50, 100, and 150 ppm) and GFE (0, 0.25, 0.5%). The CIE and CIE of pork patties decreased, while CIE increased as the addition of GFE increased. Patties with more GFE added tended to be lower in pH when stored at for 6 wk, but TBARS and VBN were not affected by the addition of GFE. Residual nitrite in patties was lowered as the storage period was lengthened and as the GFE addition was increased. During the storage at , Escherichia coli was not detected, and the total aerobic bacterial count was decreased as more GFE was added, showing the substitution effect of GFE for nitrite in antimicrobial activity. In conclusion, the results show that GFE has nitrite scavenging and antibiotic activities in meat products, suggesting its potential use in healthy and sustainable foods with diverse biofunctionalities.
Gardenia fructus;nitrite;pork patty;antimicrobial activity;
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진범(Aconitum pesudo-laeve var. erectum) 추출물의 항노화 및 항당뇨 효과,김정환;이수연;권오준;박주훈;이진영;

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