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The Quality of Mozzarella Cheese Made by Concentrated Milk from Ultrafiltration
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 Title & Authors
The Quality of Mozzarella Cheese Made by Concentrated Milk from Ultrafiltration
Song, Kwang-Young; Seo, Kun-Ho; Lee, Si-Kyung; Han, Song-Ee; Kim, Myeong-Hee; Kim, Song-Hee; Mok, Bo-Ram; Yoon, Yoh-Chang;
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Low-fat and full-fat Mozzarella cheeses were manufactured using ultraflterated-concentrated cow milk with a bacterial cell count of 100, 000 CFU/mL to study the properties of browning, oiling-off, stretchability, and meltability of the cheeses during 3 mon of refrigerated storage. The properties of browning, oiling-off, and stretchability of UF-Mozzarella cheese were affected by fat content, addition of starter and rennet (add 50, 65, and 80% compared with the control, respectively), and baking temperature (280, 300, and ) (p<0.05). The browning and oiling-off scores increased with an increase in baking temperature and lengthen of storage time, but some undesirable results also occurred. The stretchability score improved with an increase in baking temperature, but the gradient decreased with the length of storage time (p<0.05). The meltability score was affected by fat content, concentration factor, and storage period (p<0.05). The result of this study demonstrated the applicability of UF-milk in making Mozzarella cheese with high quality and good palatability.
Mozzarella cheese;ultrafiltration;functionality;
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