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Texture and Sensory Properties of Cream Cheese and Cholesterol-removed Cream Cheese made from Whole Milk Powder
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 Title & Authors
Texture and Sensory Properties of Cream Cheese and Cholesterol-removed Cream Cheese made from Whole Milk Powder
Jeon, Seon-Suk; Ganesan, Palanivel; Lee, Youn-Sun; Yoo, Sang-Hun; Kwak, Hae-Soo;
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This study was aimed to compare the texture and sensory properties of Cream cheese and cholesterol-removed Cream cheese made from the whole milk powder (CRWMP) during storage at for 4 wk. The cholesterol reduction by crosslinked -CD was about 92% in CRWMP. In texture studies, hardness, gumminess, and chewiness had increased during the storage period of 4 wk in both cheeses, irrespective of treatment. In the sensory properties, cooked milk flavor was found to have decreased, whereas sourness had increased with increasing storage period of 4 wk in whole milk powder Cream cheese. On the basis of our results, we conclude that the cholesterol removal in CRWMP does not cause any adverse effect on the texture and sensory properties of Cream cheese made with whole milk powder.
Cream cheese;whole milk powder;texture;sensory;
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