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Encapsulation of Lactic Acid in Starch by Extrusion for using as pH Regulated Binder of Meat Products
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 Title & Authors
Encapsulation of Lactic Acid in Starch by Extrusion for using as pH Regulated Binder of Meat Products
Hong, Geun-Pyo; Lee, Yeun-Sul; Baek, Ji-Yoo; Choi, Mi-Jung;
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This study was carried out to investigate the encapsulation of lactic acid in starch matrix for the application into emulsified sausages. For the encapsulation of lactic acid in starch, the extrusion method was applied, by the different extrusion pressure level. The particle size and morphology of lactic acid containing starch granules and the rate of release of lactic acid from those granules were determined by using Mastersizer, a scanning electron microscopy, and electrical conductivity. The size varied slightly depending upon the extruder pressure and influenced entrapment efficiency. Lactic acid was released more slowly, when the extruder had fewer holes, which meant higher extrusion pressure, than when the extruder had more holes. Extruder pressure is therefore critical for producing finer granules that can retain lactic acid longer, during the processing of meat products.
starch;lactic acid;encapsulation;extrusion;emulsified sausages;
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